SERVICE AND APPROACH If you are intending to set-up as a private provider / college and wish to access international and domestic student markets then the route has become more complex, but remains viable if you are clear about your target market and niche. Ideally, the starting point for most new providers ahould be BAC Accreditation (6 months Student Visitor Visa) route. We are currently working with new and existing private colleges on BAC Accreditaion, awarding body approval, QAA REO Self Evaluation and Review, ISI EO inspections, QAA Review for Specific Course Designation, QAA HER+ and developing a diversified and sustainable education and training portfolio - one based on the quality assurance systems inherent in the public sector, but with a fraction of the bureaucracy. You will deal directly with the Director, who will project manage your consultancy solution from commencement to completion and provide regular progress reports. We provide a discrete and confidential service to all our clients and therefore do not publish a client list on our website or in our marketing materials. Client references can be provided on request. We adopt an ethical approach and hence have on occasion declined consultancy assignments that we did not consider to be in the client’s best interest.
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Owner and Director : Nabeel Zaidi, LLB (Hons) (QM), LLM (UCL), Pg.Dip. (City), DMS, MBA (LE), Cert. Ed. (IoE), MIfL, Barrister
EQUALITY AND DIVERSITY We offer a range of consultancy and training services in equality and diversity to the education sector. Examples include: Equality Impact Assessments / Equality Analysis Equality and Diversity Audits Meeting the equality and diversity requirements in schools, further education sector and for international students Embedding equality and diversity at curriculum level Coaching and mentoring in equality and diversity for education professionals
Existing training programmes : E & D Limiting Grades: Understanding and Meeting 2012 Inspection Requirements. E & D Limiting Grades: Narrowing the Learner Achievement Gap. E & D Limiting Grades: Embedding Equality and Diversity at Curriculum Level and Assessing its Impact. Bespoke equality and diversity training programmes can be designed to suit your particular organisational needs.  
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QAA / ISI EDUCATIONAL OVERSIGHT We have successfully implemented consultancy solutions for private colleges seeking QAA or ISI educational oversight under the QAA and ISI Tier 4 educational oversight arrangements and HTS. We have also developed a consultancy package for new colleges seeking to obtain Tier 4 for the first time and those that intend to apply for QAA Higher Education Review (HER and HER+) in order to access Student Loans funding or retain specific course designation for such funding. We provide consultancy solutions for gaining approval and accreditation from some of the largest and well established awarding bodies and advise on strategic and business synergies achievable in order to maximise student performance and college revenue.
QAA Since March 2011, ASIC and BAC no longer offer accreditation for private colleges seeking to provide Tier 4 sponsorship. On behalf of the UK Borders Agency (UKBA), QAA introduced a review for private colleges providing predominantly higher education programmes. The UKBA labelled this as Tier 4 educational oversight. QAA publishes an annual review for educational oversight handbook, providing details of the educational oversight requirements. ISI The Independent Schools Inspectorate (ISI) is responsible for Tier 4 educational oversight inspections of private colleges providing predominantly or exclusively English Language and/or further education programmes or programmes based on QCF/NQF to international students. AWARDING ORGANISATION APPROVAL / RECOGNITION We have a successful track record in gaining approval for QCF level 4-7 programmes from some of the largest and well known awarding bodies. We have been engaged either at the start of the process or when colleges have failed to gain approval/accreditation by themselves. The accreditation/approval requirements have increased and are likley to continue to do so. QAA REVIEW FOR SPECIFIC COURSE DESIGNATION We provide consultancy on QAA HER+ and the related BIS process in order to make certain higher education programmes, such as the Edexcel BTEC HNC/HND, eligible for Student Loans funding / financing. It is, in our opinion, a complex process which requires expert input to make sure the process runs smoothly and within a reasonable time frame. (See further: source 1, source 2, source 3, source 4.) BAC Accreditation We possess a strong track record of preparing new and existing colleges for BAC Accreditation across stages 1 to 3 and provide end-to-end consultancy from initial contact with BAC to preparing the relevant paperwork, self-evaluation reports and post-accreditation action plan, if required. ASIC Accreditation ASIC is not our preferred accreditation method, but if you require support during the process then we can assist.
SETTING UP A PRIVATE COLLEGE / DIVERSIFYING PROGRAMME PORTFOLIO Setting up a private college can be a complex and daunting affair, with unexpected hurdles causing unnecessary delay and expense. We can provide consultancy on: Targeting the domestic student market Strategic curriculum mix BAC accreditation (for 6 months Student Visitor Visa) ISI Educational Oversight (ISI EO) (for Tier 4) (for mainly further education) QAA Higher Education Review Plus (HER+) (Student Loans and Tier 4) (for mainly higher education provision - levels 4-8) Quality assurance systems Awarding body approval / recognition Marketing, website design and basic SEO techniques Specific course designation (Student Loans Company financing) and preparing for HEFCE review
CURRICULUM OFFER With an array of awarding bodies on the market, it can be difficult to identify the most attractive and sustainable curriculum offer. We have worked and advised a range of private colleges on their curriculum offer and successfully gained awarding body approval from some of the largest awarding bodies, including those favoured by state funded further and higher education colleges. The process of seeking awarding body approval and accreditation from the largest awarding bodies can be complicated, often requiring a combination of business acumen, effective negotiation, relationship management and project management skills and academic and technical expertise. 
CURRICULUM IMPROVEMENT We provide bespoke coaching, mentoring and training to lecturers delivering a range of Business and Management programmes across QCF levels 2-7 (public and private sectors). We identify and develop strategies to minimise barriers to learning experienced by international students and for learners from diverse ethnic backgrounds. If you are preparing for an Ofsted inspection, we can source experienced part-time Ofsted inspectors to provide support by way of consultancy and training.
International students
INTERNATIONAL LEARNERS With an increasingly competitive international student market and the drive towards improving quality of provision, the need to identify and overcome barriers to learning has never been greater. We provide a range of training and consultancy solutions in reducing barriers to learning and embedding equality and diversity in the curriculum.
Existing training programme: “International Students: Improving success rates” Bespoke training and consultancy can be provided in the following areas: Reducing barriers to learning for international learners Embedding equality and diversity in the curriculum Internationalising the curriculum Assignment brief design Effective assessment methods Developing early intervention and high impact systems
                      Providing end-to-end solutions in education, training and consultancy
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Have you failed or under-performed at ISI or QAA Educational Oversight inspection? or require a QAA REO or QAA HER/HER+ Self Evaluation or consultancy for the entire process? Are you considering setting-up a private college in the UK or diversifying your programme portfolio? Are you seeking specific course designation to make your programmes eligible for Student Loans funding? If so, we can assist. Some of our work is on a contingency / success fee basis. (We have successfully completed the entire QAA REO and ISI EO process for established providers and a QAA REO annual monitoring visit and are familiar with the specific course designation processes.) We are also familiar with QAA HER and HER+ methods, which are now required for obtaining and retaining specific course designation / Student Loans funding.
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